Participants must also agree to the Amadeus T&C found here.

Main Requirement

  • You're asked to build or create a new innovative travel solution using Amadeus for Developers Self-Service APIs and/or SDKs that have an impact in the travel industry.

  • We need you to provide a way to access your solution in order to build, deploy and test it (i.e. a link to your GitHub Repository). Your solution will likely be open source, but if it is a private repository, please make sure you allow us to test it! (i.e. giving log-in credentials or adding permissions to a specific testing account).

Platform requirements

  • Any technical solution will be evaluated as long as we are able to build, deploy or test your proposal. Common sense is your friend:

    • Cool: Web applications, Mobile apps, Embedded solutions, Desktop apps, Wearables, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, APIs, Machine Learning, etc.

    • Not Cool: Mainframe based solutions or Enigma machine add-ons.

  • Any software development tools, framework, libraries and/or programming language can be used.

  • Any software dependencies (SDKs, APIs, libraries, frameworks or other tools) have to be based on open source licenses or available under a trial license.

Intellectual Property 

  • Your solution belongs to you.

    As part of your participation in the Hackathon, you may disclose to us certain materials including your solution to be reviewed, evaluated and analyzed.

  • Amadeus for Developers might contact you in the future to get your acceptance to promote your idea as a potential use case.

  • Read the Terms & Conditions (PROPERTY RIGHTS) for further information.


When you create your app, you'll need to name it by "HackTheJourney-name_of_your_app". Apps that are not named following this pattern won't be evaluated.

If you have already created an app without this pattern, don't worry! you can either create a new one or rename your current app following these steps:

1. Go to your Self-Service Workspace

2. Select your app

3. Click the edit button at the right of the page

4. Done!